Hypebae: Crystal Anderson on Self-Made Entrepreneurship and How to Build an Inclusive Brand

(Dec 23, 2021)

The Creative Come Up in partnership with Converse is a dynamic, multifaceted content series supporting and celebrating the achievements of boundary-breaking women of color and individuals who stem from all walks of life and are pursuing their creative passions to the fullest.Through amplifying the voices, journeys and experiences of Black female creatives and gender nonconforming people of color who are defying the status quo to pave one’s own way forward, The Creative Come Up will act as an inspirational mode that provides aspiring creatives with the tools, resources, and education to achieve their dreams and creative pursuits.

Crystal Anderson is the enigmatic, multifaceted creative and
self-made entrepreneur fearlessly blazing her own trail across film, television, music and fashion. As the Co-Founder and Head of Creative at a very good job — an experiential creative agency based in Los Angeles and Brooklyn — she and her fiance Kiesh have developed a formidable business that values inclusivity and creating opportunities for people of color.

As part of the fifth installment of The Creative Come Up in partnership with Converse, Anderson outlined three vital lessons and key learnings for becoming a self-made entrepreneur and building an inclusive brand. Leveraging her expertise and brilliance within all facets of creative industries, she discussed how to build an authentic brand from the ground up, ways to network and build your company’s clientele and how to successfully scale a business.

To gain insight into how Crystal Anderson has distinguished herself as an influential creative and to hear her advice for young creatives looking to launch their own business, watch the video above.

Before launching her business at the height of the pandemic, the prolific talent learned the inner workings of how to run a creative company with the aid of mentor, activist and icon Bethann Hardison, who offered Anderson her first job at IMG. Harnessing invaluable lessons she’s gained throughout the course of her career, Anderson’s deep-rooted passion and ability for cultivating powerful narratives and experiential events are indicative of the undeniable impact she’s made within the Black entrepreneurial landscape. With a firm grasp on radically altering the creative arts by hiring and amplifying the voices as well as talents of Black and brown creatives, Anderson and her forward-thinking company are bringing representation to the forefront.

12.23.2021 Press