Hillman Grad: a very good job Tapped as Newest Feature in the #WeBuiltThis Series

(Feb 02, 2021)

We Built This is a series by Hillman Grad Productions and their way of showcasing the diverse roles of the industry and the talented people who bring visions to life. When you see We Built This, we want you to see yourself and the limitless possibilities.⁣ Hillman is honoring those Black names contributing to the creative arts and Black entrepreneurial landscape, simply put. ⁣

The founders of production + content house a very good job, Kiesh + Crystal, focus on amplifying entertainment entities across film, television, music and more.

This perfect duo thrives in helping brands and studios tell their stories through experiential events, detail-driven content, influencer outreach, and digital marketing rollouts. Their clients include but are not limited to Hillman Grad Productions, Amazon Studios, Netflix, and Showtime.

Crystal + Kiesh had their creative stamp on the Hillman Grad Homecoming Party, the Gospel VERZUZ Celebration, Zoom Where It Happens, and Netflix’s “The Forty-Year-Old Version” Influencer Mailers.

The Hillman House hopes for you to be inspired by their journey as you continue on yours.

Welcome to #WeBuiltThis, Episode 3.⁣