Special Essentials 002

(a very good job)
Client Gifts

As we approach another holiday season, it was only right to bring back our Special Essentials campaign for all of our favorite clients, vendor partners, and friends. This year, we put our spin on a traditional briefcase and filled it with gadgets for a fun holiday. Inside recipients found a bluetooth-capable banana phone, a stapler, and a remote control designed USB. Each piece sported the "Very Good" name with the briefcase being "For Very Good Work," the stapler "For Very Good Documents," and an orange marker "For Very Good Ideas." The USB was design to look like a remote control and featured our sizzle reel on it. We had our traditional holiday card, which offered Door Dash gift cards to all of our vendor partners from this year. Just our way of saying, 'Thank You.'

12.2022 a very good job