Hulu: Reasonable Doubt

(Hulu + Onyx Collective)
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Kerry Washington
Tabitha Brown
Gabrielle Union
Vivian, Your Rich BFF
Joshua Neall
Amanda Murray
Skylar Marshai

Reasonable Doubt is a new series from ONYX Collective on Hulu that centers high power lawyer Jax, so we created a mailer that speaks directly to her. We created a Russian Doll approach for this mailer, allowing recipients to peel back the layers of Jax to get to the heart of the character. From the outside, guests only see a briefcase and case file, but once they dig deeper, they get to know Jax even more.

To further bring folks into the world of Jax, we gave them a leather file folder monogrammed with the character's name on it. Inside we created a case file that resembled legal paperwork, documenting all the key hashtags, socials, synopsis, and character bios to allow fans to sink their teeth into the details of the show. Inside the mailer, goodies were waiting for them, ranging from a Cuyana robe or Eberjey pajamas, a Fit Bit, Beats by Dre, and a jewelry box filled with libido gummies, Actually Curious cards, and rings by Sucré. But the highlight gift was a brand new Telfar bag that swept recipients off their feet and took over socials online.

As a way to include Los Angeles as a character of its own, we designed a Black-owned Restaurant Guide that featured Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen, The District by GS, Hilltop Coffee, My2Cents, Harold & Belle's, and Post & Beam.

09.2022 Hulu + Onyx Collective