STARZ: Raising Kanan

Influencer Mailers
DJ Truck Activation
Notable Reposts:
Da Brat
Lena Waithe
Roxanne Gay
Malcolm Mays

We entered the Power Universe + rewound the clock to 1991 for the series premiere of Raising Kanan. Two tiers of kits included all the elements of Southside Jamaica, Queens in Kanan’s world. A vintage-style airbrushed boombox was our main player, complete with a tap-to-play feature leading to a weekly Raising Kanan playlist. To outfit each recipient, boonie hats and Adidas jackets were gifted, each branded with their own unique Kanan stamp. Diving deeper into the era, we redesigned Doritos bags in the style of the time and included branded pagers that doubled as bluetooth speakers. The final touch, however, was the quarter water juice that harkened back to childhood summertime in New York, piecing the entire kit with authenticity and bringing viewers further into the Southside. All of these elements came packaged in a branded pelican case that added weight and texture to the experience.

The experience didn't stop there. We brought the DJ truck out again, this time in Rochdale, Queens to celebrate the release of Raising Kanan. Rochdale is home to 50 Cent and his home showed us love along with 16K tuned in on IG Live at home. Shout out to Cory Townes for his spin on the music, everyone that listened on IG Live, and all the folks that showed up.

07.2021 STARZ