Tastemade: All Up In My Grill

Influencer Mailer

All Up In My Grill is a series on Tastemade, hosted by the grill master himself, Dale Talde. Tastemade asked us to create a mailer that was authentic to Dale's interests, while adding a spin on grilling. In response, we create the mini smoker mailer, complete with "meat packaging" of goods and fully branded moments.

Each package came with a mini smoker that featured a branded hangtag on the grill handle. Inside, a Dusen Dusen oven mitt and mini boombox bluetooth speaker were wrapped in saran wrap like a steak and packaged with custom stickers to resemble that of the grocery store. An audio device was inserted inside the grill to reveal a "cooking" sound that resembles a working grill, which took many influencers by surprise. Finally, two recipes from West Side Boogie and 6lack were included and designed like grocery store receipts to create a fully immersed experience.

08.2023 Tastemade