Hulu: UnPrisoned

(Hulu + Onyx Collective)
Influencer Mailer
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UnPrisoned is a new series on Hulu that follows a family therapist that has some family troubles of her own. The show stars Kerry Washington (Paige) and Delroy Lindo (Edwin) who play a father-daughter duo with a lot of catching up to do. Edwin is recently released from prison and adjusting back to life, while Paige adjusts to having her dad back around. To introduce the characters of the show, we created a mailer with individual shelves. Upon opening the box, guests were welcomed with a video book featuring a message from Kerry herself, outlining the synopsis, follow links, and hashtags. The first shelf was for Edwin and included a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis vinyl to commemorate them scoring the series, a ice cream scooper and rum raisin recipe, coasters with quotes from the show, and a donation card to a partnering organization.

To celebrate Paige's character we offered a year of CALM, the book the series was based off of, a show-themed shirt or hat, and a Loftie clock. The final drawer represented Paige’s son Finn and included Ray-Ban smart glasses and Magic the Gathering cards. To represent the show’s setting, Minneapolis, we also included snack native to the area in Finn’s drawer.

03.2023 Hulu + Onyx Collective